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Store Front » Boxsets » Sabaton 'The Last Stand' Limited Edition Box Set + signed insert

Sabaton 'The Last Stand' Limited Edition Box Set + signed insert
46.39 EUR 49.99 USD

Sabaton 'The Last Stand' Limited Edition Box Set + signed insert

Limited Edition Box inc Earbook, CD/DVD , Vinyl Pic Disc,12" poster, 12" photocard, plectrums + signed insert

1. Sparta
2. Last Dying Breath
3. Blood Of Bannockburn
4. Diary Of An Unknown Soldier
5. The Lost Battalion
6. Rorkes Drift
7. The Last Stand
8. Hill 3234
9. Shiroyama
10. Winged Hussars
11. The Last Battle
Bonus Tracks:
12. Camouflage
13. All Guns Blazing
14. Afraid To Shoot Strangers

DVD Live In Nantes
1. Intro (The March To War)
2. Ghost Division (live)
3. Far From The Fame (live)
4. Uprising (live)
5. Midway (live)
6. Gott Mit Uns (live)
7. Resist And Bite (live)
8. Wolfpack (live)
9. Dominium Maris Baltici (live)
10. Carolus Rex (live)
11. Swedish Pagans (live)
12. Soldier Of 3 Armies (live)
13. Attero Dominatus (live)
14. The Art Of War (live)
15. Wind Of Change (live)
16. To Hell And Back
17. Night Witches (live)
18. Primo Victoria (live)
19. Metal Cre (live)

CD Live In Nantes
01. Intro (The March To War)
02. Ghost Division
03. Far From The Fame
04. Uprising
05. Midway
06. Gott Mit Uns
07. Resist And Bite
08. Dominium Maris Baltici
09. Carolus Rex
10. Swedish Pagans
11. Soldier Of 3 Armies
12. Attero Dominatus
13. The Art Of War
14. Wind Of Change
15. To Hell And Back
16. Night Witches
17. Primo Victoria
18. Metal Cre

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