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Store Front » Boxsets » Death Is Just The Beginning MMXVIII Boxset

Death Is Just The Beginning MMXVIII Boxset
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35.95 EUR 38.74 USD

Death Is Just The Beginning MMXVIII Boxset

PRE-ORDER – Released 19/10/2018

This product is available as a preorder item and will be shipped week commencing 15/10/2018. You will be charged for this purchase when you checkout. If you order a pre-order item and regular items they will be shipped to you when all the items are available.

Box Set inc Limited Edition Atomic Green Vinyl,CD, Patch & Poster

CD Track Listing:
1.Benediction 'Tear Off These Fucking Wings (demo)*
2.Kataklysm 'The Awakener (re-recorded)
3.Hypocrisy 'The Lie' (Exploited cover)
4.The Spirit 'Illuminate The Sky'
5.Memoriam ‘War Rages On (demo)'
6.Insidious Disease ‘Soul Excavation’*
7.Possessed ‘Abandoned (demo)’
8.Thy Art Is Murder ‘The Son Of Misery’
9.Immolation ‘Morbid Visions (featuring Max Cavalera)’ (Sepultura cover)
10.Nailed To Obscurity ‘King Delusion’
11.Bleeding Gods ‘Beloved By Artemis’
12.Decapitated ‘Sane’ (Meshuggah cover)
13.Aenimus ‘Before The Eons’*
14.Paradise Lost ‘Frozen Illusion’
15.Carcass ‘A Wraith In The Apparatus’
16.Brujeria ‘Viva Presidente Trump!’

Vinyl Track Listing:
Side A
1.Benediction ‘Tear Off These Fucking Wings (demo)’*
2.Kataklysm ‘The Awakener (Re-recorded)’
3.Hypocrisy ‘The Lie’ (Exploited cover)
4.The Spirit ‘Illuminate The Sky’

Side B:.
1.Memoriam ‘War Rages On (demo)’
2.Insidious Disease ‘Soul Excavation’*
3.Possessed ‘Abandoned (demo)’
4.Thy Art Is Murder ‘The Son Of Misery

Side C:
1.Immolation ‘Morbid Visions (featuring Max Cavalera)’ (Sepultura cover)
2.Nailed To Obscurity ‘King Delusion’
3.Bleeding Gods ‘Beloved By Artemis’
4.Decapitated ‘Sane’ (Meshuggah cover)

Side D:
1.Aenimus ‘Before The Eons’*
2.Paradise Lost ‘Frozen Illusion’
3.Carcass ‘A Wraith In The Apparatus’
4.Brujeria ‘Viva Presidente Trump!’


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